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Manufacturing quality is on high level, and price is very low ! We recommend to try it ! Anetnna can cover ring cca 2 - 3 km, atention on lover vert. RE angle.

Antenna works in 2,4 GHz range and is compound of glass fibre part (UV-resist) and of ALU termination with N/female connector. Component part is set of mounting kit/holder for pole/console mount.

Název Hodnota
Holder: Pole mount
Frekvence: 2,4 - 2,485 MHz
Impedance: 50 Ohm
Maximal output: 5 W
Ostatní: Antenna cover: glass fibre
Polarization: vertical
Provozní teplota: -20 až 50 °C
PSV: <2
Connector type: N/Female
RE angle. - H.: 360°
RE. angle - V.: 9°
Gain: 11,5 dBi
Weight: 0,6 kg
dimmensions : 1200 x 20 mm