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WLE1216V5-20 MU-MIMO 4 X 4 802.11ac miniPCIe Wawe2 Radio module, 5GHz, single bnad, 20dBm

Model: WLE1216V5-20 - QCA 9984 chip - 4* ufl - MiniPCIe pin v2.0 Standard form factor

Final stable Ath10 friendly version vailable - order now !!

The WLE1216V5-20 is a IEEE 802.11ac wireless adapter that operates in 5GHz bands, available in PCIe mini card Standard form factor. Featuring QCA9984 chipset( "Cascade" series), the WLE1216V5-20 dramatically increases the overall throughput up to 1.73Gbps with 4 x 4 MIMO technique. Leveraging the revolutionary 11ac technology, WLE1216V5-23 sets a new benchmark in throughput and range, making it ideal for consumer and enterprise applications.The WLE1216V5-20 is backward compatible with 802.11a/n and fully supports industry standards compliant security.

Max connected clients for wle1216V5-20 in wpq864 is about 500users. (class B, C Network) !!!

Wave 2 Board Data :


Can wotk with Ath10driver well :-)