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LTE6: works with all EP06 verisons (regions) - version EP06E Europe, EP06A North America compatible, tested - 5G GSm ready

LTE4:Quectel all EC25 versions (regions) compatible, version EC25-A (North America) AT&T, T-Mobile tested, version EC25-E Europe tested, EC25-V Verizon module tested supported with LEDE firmware

(module not included, check 524wifi.com for separate buy, we will complete router include modules, equip newest firmware and send to customer.)

Metal casing small sized board + M2M module & Addtional Wi-Fi module miniPCIe slots - for setup guide either SDK or OpenWRT download rar file
Complete LTE  plug & play solution, ready for Quectel EC 25 - XXX, lte module not inclueded, please purchase separately based on yoru region, Quectle lte support include Openwrt or SDK compil.
Accord IEEE 802.11n IEEE 802.11b/g and IEEE802.3/ 802.3u standard;
Support multiple WAN access methods,including:3G/UMTS/4G/LTE, static ip, DHCP,PPPOE,dhcp-4G;
1X 10/100M WAN port (RJ45 interface), WAN ports support Cell/Static IP/DHCP/PPPoE (on demand, keep alive, schedule, manual), 4X 10/100M LAN port (RJ45 interface);
Support auto recovery mechanism, including online detect, auto redial when offline to make router always online;
WIFI support WEP,WPA,WPA2 encryption,Support Wifi MAC address filter.
Support DHCP server and client, firewall,NAT, DMZ host,Support MAC address filter;
Schedule Reboot, Schedule Online and  Offline,etc.
Support APN/VPDN
Support  DDNS provider service.
High-powered industrial cellular module
High-powered industrial 32bits CPU
Power range: DC 5~36V
Support hardware and software WDT
SIM/UIM port: 15KV ESD protection;
Support low-consumption mode, including sleep mode, scheduled online/offline mode,scheduled power-on/power-off mode(optional)
Support standard WAN port and PPPOE  protocol that can connect to ADSL directly
Convenient configuration and maintenance
support firmware update locally or remotely (LAN, WiFi and OTA WAN)
Compact metal case supports 2x external wi-fi antenna and 2x LTE / GPS external antenna pigtails (ready for 3rd separated GPS antenna if 2xLTE used)