Compex Online AP Controller

Overview of new CNMS

The Compex Network Management System (CNMS) is a software that provides centralized management for all CompexWRT Access Points (APs) within your network. It is a portable application that runs on Windows PCs. Its simplified interface is user friendly and intuitive.


System Requirements

CNMS Portable Application: CNMS available here:

Download link and OEM Key(sGC-9eM-aUJ-aNZ),

Host Management PC Operating System for running CNMS: Microsoft Windows.

Firmware for Client Access Point: CNMS v1.4.0 to the current CNMS v1.7.14 is only compatible with QSDK v2.4.19 b170614 and QSDK v3.0.9 b170614 onward. 

Supported Products

The CNMS manages Access Points / Routers containing the following models of Embedded Boards:

List of Features

Dashboard Tabs

Client Access Point (AP) Tabs



The list of APs are shown on the main Dashboard ➤ Devices page. Information about each AP are quickly retrieved:

  • Name,
  • IP Address,
  • MAC Address,
  • SSID,
  • Model, and
  • Firmware Version.

Device list.png

We can adjust the window size to show all the text.


Scan AP

This is a new feature where we can bring up the details of Compex APs in our network instantly. Click on "Scan" button to detect all available APs in one management network.

Scan AP.gif


Login AP

The APs have the orange coloured "LOGIN" icon. This means that we have to enter the username and password which is the same as for the LuCI web page login. Once we have login, the green coloured "ONLINE" icon appears beside the AP name. Login.gif

Add AP

Click on "Add AP" then you can add an undetectable AP in the network into the list Add AP.gif

Refresh AP

Click on "Refresh" to update the Status of an AP. Refresh button.gif

Remove AP

Click on "Remove" to remove the unwanted AP from the list. Remove AP.gif

Reboot AP

Select numbers of AP to reboot all selected AP at once. Reboot AP.png

CNMS:Dashboard/Multiple AP Reboot


In the list of device, tick on checkbox beside AP you will see a "Reboot" button. We can select more than one AP to perform multiple AP reboot at once.

Steps to do multiple AP reboot:

  1. Tick the checkbox to select the to-be-rebooted APs.
  2. Click on Reboot button
  3. In the prompt window, click Yes to confirm the reboot action. Otherwise, choose No.
  4. When the device is rebooting, the status will show "Rebooting".
  5. Wait for few minutes for the reboot process completed. The status might change to Offline in between.
  6. Once the AP done rebooted, the status of device would turn to Online and green.

Notes:Make sure the latest version of CNMS and firmware is used.

Follows are the illustration of the multiple reboot process. Multiple reboot.gif


CNMS:Dashboard/Network Topology


Clicking on Dashboard ➤ Network Topology on the left side menu of the Dashboard, we can see how the network is connected. Login to the APs is required for them to show up.

Network topology all.png

Here we can see a wavy arrow from a AP (APC2_563AP) to a STA (APC2_531AP) connected by the SSID called "APC2_test_563". Link quality is shown in percentage.

Network topology.png

If we click on an AP name, we can see some details such as

  • Hostname
  • IP Address
  • AP Model
  • Firmware Version
  • SSIDs

Network topology details.png

There is also an "OPEN" button.

Clicking on the "OPEN" button, we can enter into the Status Overview page of the AP.

Network topology open.png


CNMS:Dashboard/Batch Flash firmware


Clicking on Dashboard ➤ Batch Flash firmware on the left side menu of the Dashboard. We can select more than one AP to perform batch flash firmware in few AP at once.

Steps to do batch flash firmware:

  1. Only those AP with the same model can be selected to flash firmware at one time.
  2. Tick the checkbox to select the to-be-flashed APs.
  3. Click on "Select Firmware" button to upload new firmware. Under status column you will see "Uploading".
  4. In the prompt window, click "Flash" to proceed flashing firmware. Otherwise, click "Cancel" to do nothing. Click "Flash and wipe all settings" to proceed flashing firmware and the board will back to default factory setting.
  5. When the device is flashing firmware, the status will show "Flashing".
  6. Wait for few minutes for the flash firmware process completed.
  7. Once the new firmware done upgraded, status will show Done.
  8. You will see the firmware version is updated under Version column.

Notes:Make sure the latest version of CNMS and firmware is used.

Follows are the illustration of the batch flash firmware process. Batch flash fw.gif





From the CNMS Dashboard ➤ Devices page, we may click on the AP Name to see more details.

This is the Status Overview page of the AP.

2017-04-17 17 42 53-Management System (Beta).png

Depending on the window size, the left menu panel autohides.




When we have entered the page for an AP, we may click on the AP ➤ Clients in the left navigation menu. This shows up the list of clients connected to the AP.

2017-06-01 16 12 12-2017-06-01 16 11 42-Management System (Beta).png




Clicking on the "Network" in the left menu, we see the following LAN and WAN interfaces of this AP.

For details of each option, please refer to Manual:Network.

2017-04-17 17 43 21-Management System (Beta).png


WAN settings can be configured.

2017-04-18 13 36 23-Management System (Beta).png


LAN settings can also be configured.

2017-04-17 17 43 36-Management System (Beta).png

2017-04-17 17 43 44-Management System (Beta).png




In APc2, we click on the "Wifi" in the left menu bar. We see the two Wifi radios of this AP.

For details of each option, please refer to Manual:Network/WiFi.

An overview of each radio is shown.

2017-04-17 17 43 51-Management System (Beta).png

On clicking the blue SSID / network name for a radio or virtual access point (VAP), the detailed Network Settings are displayed for editing.

Network Settings

Status, Mesh Setup, General Setup

We can see the sections for Status, Mesh Setup, and General Setup.

2017-04-17 17 43 58-Management System (Beta).png

Wireless Security, MAC Filter

We can also see the sections for Wireless Security and MAC Filter.

2017-04-17 17 44 28-Management System (Beta) 126.png

Advanced Setup

There is also the section for Advanced Setup.

2017-04-17 17 44 53-Management System (Beta).png

Radio Settings

General Setup

Clicking on the Radio Settings at the top menu bar, we see the General Setup section.

2017-04-17 17 45 21-Management System (Beta).png

Advanced Settings

We also see the Advanced Settings section.

2017-04-17 17 45 38-Management System (Beta).png

AP Wifi Mesh Settings

Now we click again the "Wifi" on the left menu bar.

We click on the 11ac mesh network name this time.

2017-04-17 17 46 13-Management System (Beta).png

We can see that Mesh has been enabled and the Mode of this AP is Mesh Gateway.

2017-04-17 17 46 21-Management System (Beta).png

These are the some of the Radio Settings for the 11ac radio.

2017-04-17 17 59 13-Management System (Beta).png




This is the AP ➤ VLAN management page.

2017-04-17 17 59 33-Management System (Beta).png