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Dual-polarized parabolic antenna JRC-32 DuplEX Precision

Antenna JRC-32 DuplEX Precision is based on popular duplex antennas coming with massive holder developed for microwave links.


JRC-32 DuplEX Precision

JRC-32 DuplEX-SMA Precision


dual-polarized antenna, horizontal and vertical polarization

the highest isolation! 53 dB

only 1 antenna instead 2 save money for mast!

extra high front to back ratio

special deep parabola for excellent parameters

easy to assembly: first only the holder and then the antenna only by 2 screws

fine setting elevation (of gradient) and azimuth ± 20°

right and left assembling

extrem wind stability

VSWR and isolation are measured during the manufacture of every piece

outdoor usage

you can count attainable distance from section of calculation

radom (plastic parabola cover) for each antenna free!