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MPS563HV 7A, QCA 9563 WPJ563 board with on board radio + WLE600VX module

Dual Radio AP MPS563 with Omnidirectional antennas 2,4+5GHz 7dBi  (SALE  - last two units in stock)

MPS563 is a high-performance Dual Radio Outdoor Access Point with integrated PoE. Using Qualcomm with Omnidirectional antennas 2,4+5GHz 7dBi (750MHz) Processor, MPS563 supports high-speed 802.11ac data transmission up to 867Mbps. MPS563 is embedded with an omnidirectional dual-polarization (vertical and horizontal) antenna supporting 2.4GHz (6.5dBi) and 5GHz (7dBi). The type of the antenna depends upon the order configuration.
Dual-polarization antenna provides good diversity coverage and better noise immunity. It has been integrated by high power radio to achieve longer range and higher throughput. The device is powerful, easy to handle, and also used in implementation over long distance by wireless ISP.

2.4/5GHz,128MB RAM/16MB Flash,on board 2x2 radio 23dBm per chain(aggregate 26dBm) + WLE600VX 21 dBm per chain ( aggregate 23dBm) ,2.4GHZ 7dBi Horizontal Omni ANT + 5GHz 6.5dBi Horizontal Omni ANT ,2 X GE Port with 24-48V Passive PoE support(default) /802.3af PoE support, buzzer Included