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Wodaplug.com WDS mini / micro optical Bare fiber PLC splitter 1 to 4 with default connector type SC / PC - mini packge with steel tube

   PLC splitter is based on a quartz substrate integrated waveguide optical power distribution device, has the advantages of small volume (micro size but same or better technical values), the working wavelength range, high reliability, good light uniformity etc characteristic, is especially suitable for passive optical network ( EPON, BPON, GPON etc ) connected local and terminal equipment and realize the optical signal devide.

WDS mini / micro optical Bare fiber PLC splitter 1/2-1/64. Our splitters are equiped with default connector type: SC/PC !!!! PLC Splitter,SC/PC,small plastic housing Splitters 100% compatible with all optical GE PON wodaplug networking products