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Wodaplug FTTH Outdoor PON BOX WDP0208B with 8 ports designed for mini package PLC splitters 1/8 or 2*1/4 

Wall / pole / ground mountable - ultra slim compact design
Double or single door access
Keyway entry
Splice and termination
Up to 8 ports ( PLC ) 1 - 2 inputs
Standard beige color
Locker feautured
Valdal proof
Special price if ordered in set with wodaplug GEPON active equipment systems ONU’s and OLT’s
The sealing performance meets the IP65-level requirements
Box body is made of special PV materials, it looks nice in shape and its operation is convenient, anti-ageing and long lasting
It is the combination of three functions: optical fusion, store and distribution
Adapter is fast installable, maintenance is easy, transmission loss is low

WDPBOX is specially designed, and optimized for GEPON or other PON networks design fiber optical distribution, termination and splice box. You get all in one solution for PON from Wodaplug.