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Product name : Wodaplug.com micro power backup, UPS unit for router, powerbank for router , 2 x 12v, 1 x 5V USB UPS 8800mA WDPUPS1031-5V+12V+12V   BSU 

Global description

Never again reseting routers, loosing ADSL or wi-fi connection during micro power failures !! WDPUPS1031 can back-up up to 3 units in real time to make sure of ongoing power supply in real time. Router back up unit is designed to stand up to 24 hours * without external power with its unbelievable capacity 8800mA made from high quality brand 18650 Seiko batteries.

WDPUPS1031 for router backup is also made to be modular and users are able to replace old batteries when necessary. It is easy mountable to our micro LTE router but it can stand alone as well to power-up your ADSL router, Router, Wi-Fi or another 12V or 5V using unit.