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M.2 B Key to Mini PCI-E Adapter Converter Card with SIM Card Slot for Sierra Wireless modem or SIM by wodaplug.com which is Compex & wodaplug LTE boards compatible with sierra wireless or other modems (modules)

M.2 NGFF To MiniPCIe Adapter Connector Fit for EM12-G EM7411 EM7421 EM7565 EM7511 EM7690 EM06 , SIM 8202 (M.2 key B 3042)


M.2 to minipcie Board NGFF to minipcie adapter board, M.2 B key,interface, NGFF kit For ME936 MU736 EM7035 EM7355 EM7455 EM7430 EM7565 EM7511 : EM05 EM06 EM12 and other modules Suitable for WCDMA LTE Module. Also tested with SIMCom SIM 8202 (M.2 key B 3042)

Features: Supports 3G, 4G LTE network.

Suitable for PC with Mini PCI-E port.

Insert 3G, 4G network adapter module for communication.

NGFF slot type: M.2 B Key

Size : 3042