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 PulseLarsen Antenna W5095x External Antenna with SMA Male LTE connector

 PulseLarsen Antenna W5095x External Antenna are IP65 rated antennas with SMA male connector option. PulseLarsen Antennas . W5095x is a blade antenna featuring a 698 to 2690MHz frequency and 1 to 2.5dBi gain. W5095x is ideal for LTE radios, 2G/3G/4G/5G radios, gateways, set top boxes and security applications. These antennas are optimized for straight and 90 bent positions.


1dBi to 2.5dBi gain
229mm (straight)
total length197.5mm (bent)
total length30.5mm width
Connector options: W5095K SMA male