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New 1000M EOC master (AV2), indoor, 2*F connector, 2*LAN 10/100/1000Mb - not available now, please use Wodaplug EOC1121L masters

This new MSTAR 1000chip Homeplug AV2 based  EOC master can offer 500 Mbps real troughput over existing coax cable network for long range up to 1km. Can work together with Wodaplug 1000 AV2 EOC slaves. 

WEB management and CLI based configuration.


  1. Support 500M bandwidth when work in 7.5M-86Mhz/AV2 togtehr with Wodaplug 1000 EC slaves

  2. Support up to 50 connect end user slave modems in real environemt

  3. Interested in test reports and datasheets ? Please visit http://wifi5.eu/dls/wodaplug.com/EOC-master-slave/Wodaplug1000_EOC/