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SKU: WPEB-265AXI(BT) [B18]

WPEB-265AXI(BT) [B18]

802.11ax/ac/a/b/g/n Industrial Grade, WiFi + Bluetooth 5.0 Combo, Half mini PCIe Module(WiFi 6), 2T2R

 Chipset: Broadcom BCM43752, 801.11ax WiFi 6  with SW AP mode, theoretically it can contact 12 clients. 

  • Antenna: 2 x IPEX MHF1 connectors, 2T2R

  • Interface: PCIe: WLAN; USB or UART: Bluetooth

  • Output Power up to 18.5dBm

  • Support: Linux, OpenWRT,  Android

Product Overview

 WPEB-265AXI(BT) series is a WLAN 802.11ax (WiFi 6)+BT5.0 Module, 802.11ax (WiFi 6) allow efficient allocation of low data-rate connections, improve the battery life of IoT sensors, and extend the range of Wi-Fi signals. The new 802.11ax standard with its unique features such as OFDMA, 1024QAM, Target Wake Time (TWT). WPEB-265AXI(BT) series enables smooth streaming of high-resolution videos, fewer dropped connections and faster connections farther away from the router and in dense environments.

 There are two basic types of WPEB-265AXI(BT) Series models, one is USB interface for Bluetooth the other is UART interface for Bluetooth. Function GPIO & UART work with VIO 1.8V. The included PCIe interface for Wi-Fi. The 802.11ax (WiFi 6) half mini PCIe module can support Multi-User MIMO (MU-MIMO) technology to increase channel capacity when simultaneously servicing multiple devices using the same frequency chunks. Bluetooth 5 provides doubles data rates speed for faster transmissions thereby reducing the overall power consumption. Additionally, Bluetooth 5 adds new enhanced data broadcasting enabling seamless services.

 WPEB-265AXI(BT) module can support the Soft AP mode and Station (Client) mode. the product can be connected to a wireless network as a Client, while also creating a separate network as an AP for other devices to connect to it (SW AP mode).

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DC 3.3V

DC 3.3V; VIO 1.8V

BT interface


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WPEB-265AXI(BT) [B18]


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WPEB-265AXI(BT) [R18]