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524WIFI 600VX ProPlus is tweaked advanced edition based on XB140 reference design from the QCA for QCA9880 chipset. XB140 is a dual band 802.11ac design. New module version for 2021-22 ! 524WIFI 600VX ProPlus / 900VX ProPlus changes the FEM, power, some RF circuit and layout. Ath10k driver supported. Available now in stock !

Please reffer to comparition protocol to see exact  improvements and real numbers. ProPlus means we tweaked the FEM, that is because we always work with the Skyworks; we added the power, we changed the RF and the layout for massively higher performance and drastically lowered working temperature, and we did many tests for it. Please chek our test reports in below links. Specially Designed for higher volume of clients & heavy loads. Tested and aplied in mass transport systems (pls reffer already working cases or send email to us for exact already working cases). CE RED , UK CA, IC Canada and FCC certified and full test reports available! FCC 4,9GHZ Certified for US!

Do you like our WiFi radio modules and want to test samples ? No problem ! Please contact us and provide your project description!

We supply wireless Wi-Fi data and 4G 5G LTE modules worldwide. There is no continent, where we would not have a satisfied customer! Yes, we have already supplied our Wi-Fi modules in Antarctica! You can find our modules, for example, in wind turbines, drones, ships, aircraft, both civil, acrobatic and military… on land, on water and in the air. NASA has also ordered samples, so the next goal is to get them into the outer Space!