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M.2 (NGFF) Key B to USB3.0 " USB DONGLE type " adapter nano metal box 119x69x21mm with 1 Sim Card Slot for 5GNR M.2 Quectel RM500Q RM510Q SIMCOM8200 and others 52mm length 5GNR modem cards 4G M.2 Sierra Wireless EM series like EM7565, EM7455, EM73xx and Quectel EM06 EM20G EM12G etc

USB stick means this device is USB3 to NGFF M.2 Key B for use behind a PC or router via a USB port (plug&play) 

Main features:
- Full-speed USB 3.0 data speed (4.8Gbps)
- SIM card ESD protection
- add new Voltage regulator

- High-quality current inductance and Solid capacitor (1000μF)
- Additional Power supply connector Introduce.
- Aux Volt input support 5V
- Metal body case conduct the Heat.
- Mounting Hole for Flat or Mount.

The adapter uses a full sized SIM Card . Two MHF4 to SMA female bulkhead (1.13 cables) pigtails (to connect the M.2 modem to the antennas) are included.

The USB 3.0 A Male to Micro-B Male plug provides a durable and solid connection to the enclosure. The data power cable is 40cm long .

USB3.0 (4.8Gbps) boasts of providing Ten Times the capability of USB 2.0. It also provides 900mA power as opposed to 500mA utilized thru USB 2.0. Type A connectors are are backwards compatible to USB 2.0 and/or USB 1.1. 524wifi.com

The enclosure is also equipped with an extra Micro USB power port for applications where additional (dual) power is required.

Aux DC input 5V input and 3.6V 3A output for M.2 device, use industry voltage regulator and capacitance to make 5GNR & 4G LTE modem work stable.

Sim slot with ESD protection

The enclosure can used on a desktop or mounted to a wall.

The metal body case is good for heat radiation, pocket size 119x69x21mm , cable lenght 400mm

The USB3 to NGFF M.2 Key B adapter enclosure is a useful device for connecting a 1pc 4G LTE M.2 (42mm modem lenght card) or 1pc 5GNR NGFF M.2 52mm length modem card ( 5GNR M.2 modem Quectel RM500Q RM510Q simcom 8200 and 4G M.2 Sierra Wireless EM series like EM7565, EM7455, EM73xx and Quectel EM06 EM20G EM12G ) behind a PC or router via a USB port. please note, 5GNR or 4G lte M.2 Modem is not included, you have to buy separately