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Wodaplug ® High performance Dual SIM 5G 5GNR 4G LTE-A dual modules Failover redundancy & Load balance router MTK7621 board HW version 7 with switch to support Sierra EM919x and EM7690 modems, 4x LAN 1xWAN, 12 antenna ports, standalone: 1xM.2 USB3, 3xMiniPCIe, H721v5G can support 11ac WiFi (11ac 600VX or 900VX module ready, 11ac wave 2 QCA 9984, 9886 modules supported in new firmware). New version 7 comes with 2.4G wifi module (Transytem TWL-2301H TWL-103  - Based on Atheros AR9590 3x3 MIMO Platform). New X-WRT high performance firmware ! OpenWRT support.

The H721 v5G Dual SIM 5G LTE router with 4 standalone modules slots has been a great choice for custom builds and applications.  The router board’s (PCB) built in 1x M.2 slot for LTE modem and 2x SIM Card slots, makes it a great fit for our line of Sierra Wireless  Quectel M.2 modems. Also have 3 x Minipcie slots, 1 x for aditional modem (it is our M.2 B-Key adapter compatible) and 2 x more for your old standard modem (save your investment) or new one smoking gun in wifi world like 600vx / 900vx QCA9880 miniPCIe modules and lates WiFi6 modules MT7915 / MT7916 (in X-WRT firmware).

Our new inventory of H721 v5G routers were special ordered to better accommodate our customer’s needs. New improved 5G ready version 7! Once again, if you want to have all info about ETA, versions,etc pls check our facebook page for news !

The H721 v5G version 7 now includes:

  • 4 x MHH4 pigtails for LTE modules pre-installed (4G or 5G LTE Antennas please order separately - we recommend Pulse Larsen W5095X)

  • 2,4GHz WiFi 802.11n miniPCIe module (Transytem TWL-2301H TWL-103 - Based on Atheros AR9590 3x3 MIMO Platform ) - you can install second wifi module for dual radio application

  • 3 x WiFi  Antennas + 3 x U.FL to SMA Bulkhead Antenna Connector Pigtails (pre-installed. you can install more WiFi antennas in) . 

  • 12 Volt 2Amp Power Adapter

  • 6 x Screws, Spacers/Nuts to mount M.2 LTE modem

  • Wall mounts, screws and lags

  • Cat5e Ethernet Cable

  • THIS ROUTER IS NOT EQUIPED WITH GSM / LTE modules, please order them separately based on your needs. For WiFi you can also use 524WiFi 600/900vx modules, for GSM/LTE you can use Quectel or Sierra modules including latest 5G CAT20, CAT16, CAT12 modules and also new 5G modules Quectel RM520N-GL RM500Q , RM502Q, RM510Q and Sierra wireless EM919x EM7690 in USB 3.0 mode. 

  • Supports 5GNR 5G modules Quectel, Sierra Wireles, Thales, SIMCom & LTE CAT 3, 4, 6, 12, 16 and 20 LTE modules - it has fully support CAT12 or CAT16 Quectel latest LTE modem. EM16-G, EM20-G and EM12-G.

  • it has all modules slots standalone (not shared !!!) 3 x MiniPCIE & 1 x M.2 (usb 3.0 protocol) interface Max 5000Gbps throughput.

  • Tuned FirmWare from 5G LTE HW experts - We have customer test EM12 and EM20 in ATT, T-mobile and Sprint in US and many others, all work great

Hardware: MTK7621A board version 7 - Flash16M / RAM256M(CPU Cores:2 ;CPU MHz:880)

4 *lan+1 * wan 10/100M/1000M RJ45 port , 1* M.2 (NGFF) key B for 5Gnr & LTE modem, 1*Minipcei for LTE Mini Pcie modem

2 * Mini Pcie  for wifi card 3.3V and 5V output,  14 * led for display more information, 1*TF card slot, 12 * antenna hole for future use 

4 stand alone slots (not shared!!): 2x Minipcei for wifi, 1xMinipcie(USB2.0) for 4G LTE, 1xM.2(USB3.0) for 5GNR and 4G LTE-A

New switch just for Sierra Wireless EM919x and EM7690, these card default work at PICE mode. We add new switch just let EM919x EM769x work at USB mode. Please see this video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=whKcn4SFMKQ

Software :

we use ROOTer (https://www.ofmodemsandmen.com/) firmware. Daiyman has made firmware for this board. Support most ROOTer function and Fail over redundancy + Load ballance features for dual SIM applications. Support most LTE modem drivers (Sierra wireless,Quectel,Huawei,ZTE,Meig)

Router has pre-flashed BREED (https://www.breed.hackpascal.net) and latest ROOTer firmware

New firmware support Ath10k 802.11AC Wave2, about 20% improvement at Wifi 5.8G support QCA9984 QCA9886 QCA9888

Users guide, firmware, supported LTE modems and WiFi modules you will found on - http://wifi5.eu/dls/wodaplug.com/LTE-routers/H721/

You can use this link to commit your own firmware - https://github.com/openwrt/openwrt/pull/5076/files