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AW7916-NPD is a WiFi6E 3000 highly advanced Mini PCIe Module with G-band 2T2R + A-band 3T3R 2ss Dual Bands Dual Concurrents (DBDC) based on Mediatek MT7916AN and MT7976 chip.

The capabilities enabling up to 3Gbps performance, supports 3×3 with 2 Spatial Streams for either 5 or 6GHz at maximum 160MHz bandwidth and 2×2 with 2 spatial streams for 2.4GHz at maximum 40MHz bandwidth. The additional 3rd antenna can be used for zero-wait DFS and/or MRC (up to 1024-QAM) for extra downlink (Rx) performance. Integrating the FEM radio into the Mediatek Filogic 630 platform yields integration advantages of smaller size and lower BOM costs for device makers.

Advanced access point features include up to 24 users (OFDMA), support of MU-MIMO clients, 512 MAC entries, 16 MBSSID and support for all Wi-Fi Alliance Wi-Fi 6 Release 2 features.

In addition, the chipset includes hardware-based Wi-Fi offload engine to alleviate the router AP from Wi-Fi connection-related processing, improving whole platform energy efficiency and performance. Filogic 630 can also be combined with Filogic 830 SoC platform for Tri-band Wi-Fi 6/6E solutions for Routers and Repeaters.

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