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DR5018 S - Multi-function IPQ 5018 Embedded Board with on-board WiFi 2,4GHz 802.11ax 2x2 MU-MIMO OFDMA / 4* GE Ports, SIM slot, 2x M.2 card slot

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 11AX 2x2 MU-MIMO OFDMA SINGLE BAND plus another slot for DUAL CONCURRENT, EMBEDDED BOARD with LTE Gateway support


Dual-core ARM 64bit A53@1.0GHz Processor

512MB DDRL3L System Memory, 4MB NOR Flash, 128MB NAND Flash

2x2 On-board 2.4GHz radio,up to 573Mbps physical Data Rate

Support BT5.1

M.2 Card Slot for 5G (QUECTEL RM 5xx modules supported) ;

M.2 Card Slot for QCN9074 WIFI 6E Card - Support: QCN9074 WiFi 6E Card in M.2 slot

POE 802.3 bt,at,af support

Support Openwifi

Product Description

DR5018 based on IPQ5018 chipset is an enterprise wireless module integrated with BT5.1Radio module and 2x2 2.4G high power Radio module designed specifically to provide users with mobile access to high - bandwidth video streaming, voice, and data transmission for office and challenging RFenvironment in factories, warehouses establishment