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Wallys WIFI7 Mainboard DR9574 - samples ready for orders


IPQ9570/IPQ9574 WiFi 7 (802.11be) 4×4 MU-MIMO DBDC Embedded Board, DR9574 board is using qsdk firmware with QCA drivers, no OpenWRT.

  • Qualcomm IPQ9570/IPQ9574 Quad-Core ARM-A73 @ 2.2GHz processor ‘Alder’ Series

  • 2GB (2x1GB), DDR4 32-bit (2×16-bit) interface

  • 256MB NAND flash, 32MB NOR flash, 8GB eMMC

  • 4x M.2 (NGFF) E Key Socket with PCIe 3.0

  • 4x 1Gbps ethernet port, 2x 10Gbps ethernet port

  • 1x USB 3.0 port

  • -20ºC to 70ºC operating temperature

  • 204mm x 138mm x 20mm (W x H x D)

  •  4x4 on-board 2.4GHz radio, up to 1182Mbps physical data rate

  • Flexible Wi-Fi 6E/Wi-Fi 7 radio configurations via 4x M.2 (NGFF) E Key Socket with PCIe 3.0

  • 802.11be support, 802.11ax MU-MIMO OFDMA Access Point

DR9574 based on IPQ9574 Chipset is an enterprise wireless module integrated with 4x4 MU-MIMO Wireless Module designed specifically to provide users with mobile access to high-bandwidth video streaming, voice, and data transmission for office and challenging RFenvironment in factories, warehouses establishment.