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Wodaplug DA181 broadband data passing thru Amplifier fot TV coax cable networks

Wodaplug DA181 broadband data passing thru Amplifier fot TV coax cable networks

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Broadband Amplifier DA 181

Construction of data passing thru broadband amplifier DA181 is a result of our many years of experience in developing and producing components for TV cable distributions and technicians requirements engaged in professional installations of coaxial networks.
The amplifier has excellent linearity and adaptation, large overload possibility and low noise. This allows operation in difficult conditions with large differences in levels between the signals or in CATVs with a large number of transmitted channels.
Amplifier gain is slightly increasing towards higher frequencies to compensate for the natural attenuation of passive components involved in splittings.



The amplifier meets the utmost technical demands of customers.
Installing amplifiers can easily solve connecting a large number of televisions and radios receivers to one source (socket or antenna) or a set-top box to receive digital DVB-T.

Parameters of Wodaplug DA181:

dB min. 18 db / 862MHz

3 db noise

Linearity ± 1 db

Frequency range 45-870MHz

The output level of 106 db, IMA3 -60 db

The return loss> 20 dB / 47MHz, -1.5 db / oct

Group delay <6NS / 45-100MHz

power 9-24Vss


Power consumption max. 40 mA

Dimensions WxHxD 82x44x25mm


The amplifier can be placed anywhere indoors.
When installing outside the amplifier must be fixed so that the connectors are facing downwards and thus prevent water leaking into the amplifier. Simultaneously, we recommend using a power amplifier to output via coaxial cable, see manual for aditional details.

Signal connection:

The amplifier connects to network by coaxial cables with F connectors. The connectors on the box marked IN and OUT = input = output.


The amplifier can be powered in two ways:

- The power cable. Supply voltage within the range specified in the "parameters" can be brought into the output jack from a remote source. For this purpose is ussually used junction placed in reachable distance from power source. This method is ideal for a power amplifier positioned outside or away from the power supply.

In this power type conection, all used elements (e.g. splitters and taps) connected to this network must be adapted for active/transmission of power.

- Power from external sources. For this purpose is Wodaplug DA181 equiped by connector. When this powering way is used, Wodaplug DA181 automatically disconnects power cable power in, so it automaticly prevents dualing power income/distribution.

Power supply connector Φ 3.5 mm / 1.3 mm

The source voltage can be any adapter, working within the limits mentioned above and which complies with security requirements. Select only high quality powersources without any interference. Remember, quality matters and saving few bugs can turn agains you.

Due to the relatively large consumption - DO NOT use batteries.


Every single Wodaplug DA181 unit is carefully checked and adjusted to match the declared parameters. Pls note , there are no customer-accessible adjusting elements.
In case that the input signal level is too high, it is necessary to use an external attenuator.

Too high input signal level may cause bad picture quality on one or several television programs.


Signal degradation can be caused by overwaking amplifier or input of the TV.
If you fail to achieve a signal to your liking, we recomand to contact professional company, which can measure the level and quality of the signal and propose optimal solutions.


Wodaplug DA181 should be operated only from an approved and safe power source within the allowed rangel.

All subsequent network section shall be conducted in accordance with applicable standards and regulations for safety and electromagnetic compatibility.

Longterm lifetime and parametres are proved when used in interiors
with temperatures in the range of +0 to +40 C and humidity to 80% at 25 C.

For more information, please visit Wodaplug DA181 webpage.


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