How to use QCA QCN DR 9074 TriBand 4x4 Wlan module on QCA based PCBA board or a third party x86 ecosys like Ubuntu?

NEW 524 WIFI DUAL BAND TRI-BAND DR9074 WIFI 6/6E modules info - "We can help our Customers develop ath11k to be used with DR9074 cards" :

Informations regarding Linux and OpenWRT drivers - The ath11k code from github can't support the dual / tri band card now, it needs modification. Wallystech and 524WiFi did some changes and applied in Linux kernel version 5.17.0 - if you use different kernel version, then 524WiFi will do some work for you. That is a Linux issue, there are some incompatible with different kernel versions. So the Customer need tell us the kernel version, then we release the ath11k and board-2.bin, bdf and amss.bin to customer - all is binary. Jason, chief of development, told us : "We will build it based on the Customer's Linux version, The kernel should be 5.17 up. The Card can be AP or Client mode on x86. We do it better than others, DR9074 Triband and Dualband cards are very good and its is powerful opportunity for all customers developing WiFi6 devices. We have software engineers and we we have resources to support all Customers tu use our WiFI6 modules"

If The Customer has big volume order, then we can open the ath11k code to the customer customer based on NDA, SLA.

New WiFi 6 Triband and Dual band modules list. 

How to use 524WiFi 6 DR9074-Triband M.2 wifi module together with Wallys router PCBA or a third party x86 ecosys like Ubuntu? And Loading QCN9024 QCN9074 - DR9074-Triband Driver on Linux 5.17.0 - Step-by-Step Guide !

As you know, 524WiFI recently has launched two new unique Wifi modules DR9074-Triband M.2 and DR9074E - Dual Band miniPCIe,Today, this article will present how to use the module together with target platform. OpenWRT systems also use ath11k, so the information above is same for OpenWRT users.

(1) Usage with Wallys router PCBA with QCA IPQ 6018 cpu and QSDK firmware :

DR6018 PCBA x1 (the board has to be pre-flashed with an exclusive version of firmware which
we developed via QSDK and bootargs has been pre-set under U-boot CLI to ensure the correct
board_id for the module )
DR9074-Triband M.2 wifi module x1

wallys pcba router board with the module

After we plug the module onboard and power on, we can access to the GUI webpage via board’s default ip address, login (admin / asdf1234)

Network>Wifi, at this section, as we can see, there are three radios available, they are Wifi0(2.4G radio),Wifi1(2.4G radio), Wifi2(9074-triband selectable radio)

Let’s configure the 9074-triband radio, click Edit icon to enter its operation mode. If you intend to use this radio at 2.4G frequency, set Mode to 802.11g+n or 802.11axg , select a
fixed frequency like 2417 Mhz, save &apply

config page

If you intend to use this radio at 5G or 6G frequency, set Mode to 802.11axa, select a fixed frequency like 5180 Mhz or 6995Mhz, kindly note that WPA3 encryption is required for 6G mode

Bitrate can be up to 4803Mbit/s under 160Mhz channel spectrum width, both 5G and 6G mode support 160Mhz channel spectrum width. And the 9074-triband module can work under both ap and sta mode

tri band selectabl config

(2) Usage with x86 Platform Ubuntu

Desktop PC x1 installed Ubuntu 22.04
DR9074-triband module x1
DR3G11 adpater x1 -