Industrial Wi-Fi modules with Qulacomm chipsets

524 WiFi Industrial modules

Tomorrow systems ( offers a long-proven range of Wi-Fi modules for industrial applications with a large temperature range (-40 ° C to + 85 ° C). One of the largest manufacturers of Wi-Fi modules is significantly expanding its product portfolio in the Wi-Fi 802.11ac broadband standard. Recently, it has been choosing more and more manufacturers of industrial APs, routers and hubs. All new Tomac systems 11ac miniPCIe modules are now available in full-size standard 50.95 × 30 mm, even with a 4 × 4 MU-MIM solution.


Relies on quality

524WiFi, founded in 2002, can successfully look back after 14 years of cooperation with Qualcomm. Some previous miniPCI Wi-Fi modules have become true legends. It can now exclusively use the latest Wi-Fi technologies developed by this world leader in wireless communication in all its miniPCIe Wi-Fi modules. In addition, we cooperate with an official ADC partner (Authorized Design Center) of Qualcomm and, in addition to reference designs, offers its customers support in customizing hardware and software designs.


Can handle higher temperatures

524wifi has a long-standing good reputation in the field as a specialist in WiFi modules for demanding thermal conditions with an extended (-20 ° C to + 70 ° C) and industrial (-40 ° C to + 80 ° C) temperature range. However, the 524wifi now offers its Wi-Fi modules with an extended industrial temperature range (-40 ° C to + 85 ° C), which is marked with the letter "I" meaning Industrial. Usually, the upper limit of the operating temperature + 70 ° C is determined in relation to the surrounding area, ie outside the shielding of the Wi-Fi module. Since the temperature inside the shield is usually even higher than outside, we recommend using Wi-Fi modules with a sufficient safety margin for operating temperatures for high-speed data transmission. You will achieve long-term reliability in continuous operation.



Most 11ac modules are available in both temperature ranges, ie in versions with and without the "I" marking. The enclosed tables provide a general overview of all available 11ac modules, divided into single and dual band types. Dual-band modules (operating in the 2.4 and 5GHz frequency bands) include 4 proven 2 × 2 and 3 × 3 MIMO modules: WLE600VX-I, WLE 900VX-I, 524WiFi 900VX Pro+ and 600VX Pro+. The first two modules represent industrial versions of the long-selling best-selling module based on the QCA 9890 chipset. Version Pro+  is a standard commercial version now with improved parameters. We also offer single-band Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) and MU-MIMO 4 × 4 Wi-Fi 5 modules based on popular Mediatek chipset



Usually, these single-band modules differ in the antenna configuration used, and thus in the resulting data rate of 867Mbps @ MU MIMO 2 × 2, 1.3Gbps@MU MIMO 3 × 3 and 1.7Gbps@MU MIMO 4 × 4. Another characteristic feature is their output power. The WLE650V5-18A product family supports a maximum output power of 18dBm @ 5Ghz, the WLE650V5-25A range of high-performance modules offers an output power of 25 dBm @ 5 GHz. All 5GHz single-band modules have in common that they support multi-user (MU-MIMO) as well as 80 MHz + 80 MHz channel pooling for 1SS or 2SS (SS = Spatial Stream).


Due to the high throughput and heating, all single-band modules are equipped with a heatsink as standard. However, Tomorrow systems is ready to meet any customer requirements and, according to their wishes, install them with coolers as desired, or deliver them without them due to lack of space for installation.


While single-band modules specialize in 802.11ac and 802.11an @ 5GHz, dual-band modules also offer 802.11b / g / n @ 2.4 GHz standards. In the future, it will be even more important for the Wi-Fi module to handle a large number of simultaneously connected clients. Just like on a train, up to 50 passengers are connected to one Wi-Fi module, in the future it will not be an exception that 50 household devices will communicate with your Wi-Fi router in your home, so you must pay close attention to choosing a suitable Wi-Fi module! 524wifi modules will be ready.



This is another area where 524wifi modules are gaining ground. For their reliability, stability, performance and a large number of connectable clients, our popular 524wifi 600vx Pro+ and 900vx Pro+ modules have become widely used in buses, trains, airports and train terminals throughout Europe, not only within the "Wi-Fi for passengers" application. “. They have also become very popular in the Czech Republic, where you can find them on trains on Czech railways and on buses. For example, public transport in Brno and Ostrava have opted for them, and the international carrier FlixBus, for example, also uses them in its buses.




Currently, most of the 524WiFi 600VX Pro+ and 900VX Pro+ modules are used for "Wi-Fi for passengers", which are installed in special Embedded routers with the Linux system and, thanks to today's best Wi-Fi chip from Qualcomm - QCA9880 - provide a stable and fast connection for 50 or more passengers in a bus or train (one wagon). The great advantage of this chip is that it is dual-band and can handle a large number of connected users, thus saving the need for additional HW (reduces the number of required routers). They also take care of the communication of the vehicle with the depot and transmit information obtained on the route from the control computer in the car. The internet connection to the car is solved by LTE modules - ie from mobile operators. However, the system is already ready for LTE 5G and carriers have already tested that all passengers on the bus will then be able to stream HD video.



Distribution of 524wifi Wi-Fi modules for Europe is provided by Tomorrow systems s.r.o. with headquarters in Prague. Detailed information about all 524WiFi and COMPEX Wi-Fi products can be found at, or at Contact for distributors or any questions and requirements please contact Pavel FRIC, pavel (at), tel +420 775 262 900.